RV Park Sees a Shift in its Customers

In 2008 and 2009 the Anaheim Resort RV Park in Anaheim, California felt the economic struggles as their guest load was impacted. That downturn has taken a turn for the better, but there also has been a display of resourcefulness that translates to a shift in their clientele.

Because of the park’s location, it caters to families heading to Disneyland. What the park is noticing is that families are turning to the RV park as a way to save money on their trip. Families who do not own RVs are now renting them for their trips and often are combining their vacation with another family in order to further reduce costs. Vernon Mangels, the CEO of Anaheim Resort RV Park says “Three years ago, we had three or four guests per vehicle. Now it’s six or seven per vehicle.”

Guest can save money by cooking meals in their RV. Many opt to spend the morning at Disneyland, return to their RV for a mid-day meal and then head back into the park for the evening. During a break from their time at Disneyland, guests might enjoy the pool or take a quick nap to re-energize. The RV park serves a light breakfast to guests which includes free coffee, tea and Otis Spunkmeyer muffins, offering another way for guests to save some money.

The Anaheim Resort RV Park is a two time winner of the “A” grade as awarded in the annual GuestRated.com survey of independent parks. This year it was also named the “Family Owned Business of the Year” by the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce.

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