RV Owners Learning CB Lingo

RV owners who have a CB installed might be used to listening to truckers for some entertaining chatter, but might also be able to pick up some key information. Not all truckers are chatty, but they are usually really great about conveying important information to other drivers.

Truckers frequently use the CB to warn other drivers of traffic conditions or advisories. Listen in and you might garner information like which lanes are open in a construction zone. This allows you to position yourself in the appropriate lane before hitting the traffic backup.

Some of the common CB lingo has become familiar through pop culture references like the reference to police as ‘bear’ or ‘smokey’. There are more specific references that might not be common knowledge. ‘Full-grown bear’ is the term used to describe a state police officer or highway patrolman. ‘Polar bear’ is the term used to describe a white police vehicle.

There are other beneficial terms for RV drivers to know. If a CBer refers to a ‘stagecoach’, they mean a bus. They’ll refer to an RV as a ‘bread truck’ and they use the general term ‘four wheeler’ to refer to most cars. The unique term ‘alligator’ is the CB way of describing a tire tread that has been left in the road. If you hear a CBer warn of a ‘brake check’, he or she is describing slow down in traffic. If they say to watch out for a stalled ‘four wheeler’ at the ‘120-yard line’, they are referring to a stalled car at mile marker 120.

Learning the terminology can truly help RVers to learn of traffic hazards, prepare for upcoming stops or make plans to take an alternate route when necessary. Truckers are generous with road information, making it a great reason for RVers to invest in a good CB radio.

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