RV Industry Mourns the Death of an Icon

Last week, the RV industry grieved the passing away of Wade F. B. Thompson, co-founder, chairman, president and CEO of Thor Industries Inc. Thompson, who was 69 when he died on 12th November, had been fighting 5 cancers for nearly two decades.


Thompson is a legend in the RV industry because of his part in the creation and subsequent expansion of Thor, a company that is one of the most respected names in its field.

He founded the company in 1980 together with Peter Orthwein which was created after buying out Airstream, a popular RV company that had been experiencing a financial downslump in recent years.

With Thompson and Orthwein at the helm, Airstream was pulled from the red and it started reeling in profits in the first year of purchase.

The company continued to grow and today, Thor is a leading brand name in RV industry.

Including his passion for the travel industry, Thompson also had a keen interest in the arts, historic preservation and conservation.


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