RV Cleaning and Maintenance

RV Cleaning and Maintenance

Your RV’s bathroom is one of its most important part. But things like leaks, repairs, worn panels and the like can cause it to age dramatically. This is where the need to repair and maintain your RV’s bathroom pristine condition comes is as it does not only promote impeccable hygiene but it can also improve efficiency and comfort while using the RV.

In repairing  a leaky RV bathroom, you need to remove three things off the wall: insulation, panelling and trim. Look for the broken studs and replace them with new ones. If you see chipped sealing due to dryness, simply apply another layer of sealing with the use of silicon and caulk.
For woodworks and panels, use a filler to repair the holes, scratches and chips on the surface. You can also apply a similar baton strip in the same material finish. You can use two nails in wood panelling if you are working around the vent pipes. As your space is limited, pre-drill hols outside of your RV is a must that way you can easily nail them in the right place the moment you are inside the RV.

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