RV Business Profile – Selling the Dream

Dan Wylie makes his livelihood selling RVs. In his opinion, though, he is not selling the vehicles, he is selling the lifestyle.

His business is Dream RV in Bradenton, Florida. He started his business in 1998 after working as a general manager for an RV dealer in Venice. When he first opened, he had five RVs for sale. After five years, he was ready to expand his business. Through years of hard work, Wylie has grown his business to the point of netting $15 million in sales in 2011 and a second location in Fort Myers.

Repeat customers frequently talk about the lifestyle. They tell stories of how an RV might be used to travel the country, or simply to explore the local area in comfort. One customer of Dream RV, who has explored every state and all the provinces in Canada, says he enjoys taking his RV to the mall. There, his wife can shop while he sits in comfort in the RV watching sports on TV.

Dream RV thrives on building relationships with their customers. They carry a variety of products in all price ranges and they take trade-ins of all types of vehicles including motorcycles and sailboats. They also pride themselves on their service department. The attention to detail, combined with an aggressive marketing campaign brings Dream RV customers from as far away as Alaska and Europe.

Many people dream of the opportunity to get away from it all. Wylie and Dream RV work to help people achieve that dream.

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