RV Air Conditioner Leaks

RV owners are often told to reseal specific areas on their roof in order to prevent leakage. One area that is often neglected is the area around a roof mounted air conditioner.

Roof mounted air conditioners typically have a very thick gasket seal between the unit and the roof. The seal is usually about 4 inches thick. Over the life of the RV that seal can become compressed due to the weight of the air conditioning unit. The compression of the seal can make the unit seem loose in its designated hole. RV owners can find the bolts that hold the unit in place under the interior grill plate on the air conditioner. The bolts can be tightened with tools that most homeowners have: socket, ratchet and an extension.

It is not uncommon for a loose air conditioning unit to make the diagnosis of a leak more difficult. Often the water gets into the ceiling but then travels away from the unit, making it seem as though the leak is originating from some place other than the air conditioner. Any time you find a leak in your RV, be sure to check the air conditioning unit as it may be the cause, regardless of where the leak appears.

It is recommended that RV owners check their air conditioning unit as part of an annual checkup. Taking the time to make sure the unit is working properly, is properly sealed and is attached appropriately can help to prevent water damage throughout your RV.

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