Rock My RV

The Travel Channel has an unexpected but logical choice to host their new RV show. When looking for someone with vast experience traveling in an RV, who better than a rock star? Bret Michaels has signed to host a new series called “Rock My RV”.

Beginning in November, the channel has ordered eight half hour episodes for production. Michaels, who is known as a passionate RV owner, is excited to share his knowledge. He has hand selected some of the best RV designers and fabricators to transform an RV from the ordinary to the extraordinary. The shows will begin airing in 2013 and will show amazing transformations as RVs are converted into rolling mansions.

Because Bret Michaels is used to spending nine months out of every year in a tour bus, he is well versed in the arena of traveling in a customized coach. He has arguably logged more miles than most on the road. Beyond that, he has also had hands on experience in personally designing his own vehicles. With memories of traveling on family trips in his family’s Winnebago as his foundation, he brings a broad range of experience to the show. He’s come a long way from that Winnebago to a tour bus that includes amenities like a custom gym and he’s eager to share that expertise with the viewing audience.

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