Roadtrek Offers New Warranty


The Roadtrek company is celebrating their 40th anniversary. They are one of the leading class B motor home manufacturers in North America. Along with their anniversary celebration, they are offering a new warranty option to their customers.

Customers who purchase a new RV from Roadtrek dealers starting September 1st are eligible for this all new, five year, no mileage, RV limited warranty. Roadtrek President, Jim Hammill had this to say about the company’s warranty offering: “Roadtrek has always been at the forefront of the industry and we continue to lead the way with the best product, quality, engineering and warranty in the business. We want Roadtrek owners to focus on Roadtreking, not on the mileage on the dashboard.”

Roadtrek has carried the title of the leading manufacturer of class be motor homes in North America since 1990. The company currently sells their RVs via their network of independent dealers. Their dealers can be found in the United States, Canada and Japan.

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