Rio Grande Parks Respond to Changing Demographics

RV parks in the Rio Grande area of Texas rely on the annual migration of snowbirds heading to the area. These parks are facing some challenges due to the changing demographic of the snowbird population.

The new breed of travelers consists of younger and more active folks. They also do not necessarily plan on returning to the same facility each year. Many are varying their travels, hitting Texas one year, Florida or Arizona the next.

The RV parks in the Rio Grande area are taking certain steps to attempt to keep their business steady and/or growing. They are finding that amenities like walking areas, dog parks and agility courses for people to use with their dogs are attracting visitors. Some of the parks report that 70-75% of their visitors have dogs.

Another interesting amenity provided at Bentsen Palm Village in Mission is a community garden. An open area of the park is reserved for guests who would like to grow their own organic produce.

Parks also find that providing a good selection of organized activities helps keep the interest of existing customers while also drawing in new business. Some parks like El Valle Sol in Mission offer as many as 100 activities for guests over the course of just one week.

Some guests might be fearful of the Rio Grande Valley and its proximity to Mexico because of the publicized violence in Mexico. However facts show that the crime level in the Rio Grande Valley is lower than that in some other popular winter destinations.

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