Retire to an RV

Making the leap from working fulltime to retiring is an adjustment for most. Then comes the decision about how to spend those golden years. Many consider the possibility of travel, particularly in an RV. Anyone looking to see how feasible this might be should consider studying the book “Retire to an RV – The Roadmap to Affordable Retirement” by Jaimie Hall Bruzenak and Alice Zyetz. Originally an eBook, it is now available in print.

The two authors share their expertise and offer advice for determining whether you can afford to retire to an RV and whether you’ll enjoy the lifestyle. The authors have gathered input from 41 individuals and couples who have lived the lifestyle and have much to offer. The advice from these veterans is insightful and relevant for any considering making the leap. The advice is comprehensive enough to cover virtually every aspect of RVing a newcomer might question. The advice will also speak to those who have been RVing for some time, but are now considering making the leap to fulltime.

Chuck Woodbury of says “Reading this book is like sitting in a room of full-timing experts as they share their advice and best kept secrets.” This 334-page book is available at various websites including The book is also still available in its original eBook format.

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