Rearview Cameras

Driving any type of a large rig, whether it includes a trailer or not, leaves you with some significant blind spots. As a solution, many RVers choose to install a rear view camera to help compensate for these blind spots.

When shopping for the right camera model, consider which monitor will work the best. Generally, you’ll want to choose the largest monitor that can fit easily into your cab. While driving or positioning yourself in a camp spot, you do not want to have to struggle to see what is on the monitor. You’ll find that TFT LCD monitors offer the clearest pictures. Even if you’re originally purchasing just one camera, consider choosing a monitor that can handle multiple cameras in case you opt to add more.

The best cameras should include a CCD image sensor for the best quality image. Make sure the camera has a broad viewing angle. A larger viewing angle results in smaller blind spots. Look for a model that has built-in infrared LEDs for better nighttime visibility. Models with dual lenses are also helpful, as they allow you to alternate between a broad image and a downward view which can allow you to hitch up a trailer without the help of a spotter. Be sure to choose a camera that can work with other cameras incase you decide to add additional cameras in the future.

The right camera and monitor can enhance your driving experience and make every trip safer.

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