Ready for an Urban Campground?

Fallston, Maryland might be the home to the interesting combination of a shopping center combined with a campground intended for recreational vehicles.

Mike Euler is the developer of the Aumar Village shopping center. He is the one proposing the campground. He believes that many people view their RV as a second home.

Camping at a shopping center is the typical vision of braving the great outdoors, but there are benefits to a campground in a more urban area. The campground could easily be used as a base for those looking to explore the area. There are a number of great attractions in Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington D.C., all in relatively close proximity to the proposed site. Many travel with a small car in tow, making this campground proposal even more attractive.

Those who are hoping for the best of both worlds can explore both the urban offerings and the beautiful natural attractions nearby. If the campground comes into existence, visitors can get ‘away from it all’ by heading out to the Chesapeake Bay, or any of the nearby state parks including Rocks, Gunpowder and Susquehanna.

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