Purchasing a Use RV

In order to save money, some consumers consider purchasing a used motor home rather than new. As with any used vehicle purchase, there are some inherent dangers to consider.

When shopping for an RV it is important to first look for the style that best matches the intended use. This should be the priority whether looking for a pre-owned or a new model. Some consumers might be looking for an RV use on weekend getaways while others may be shopping for more long term usage. The priority must be to find the right vehicle to meet the consumer’s need, with price being the secondary concern.

Those who are drawn in by promises of ‘low mileage’ or ‘like new’ advertisements must be sure to approach the transaction with caution. The primary concern for most is that this type of purchase generally comes with no warranty. While it may be true that the vehicle has low mileage, this is not an indicator of how well it was cared for by the previous owner. For those who feel qualified, performing a pre-purchase inspection is the recommended course of action. However, most consumers are not qualified to perform such an inspection and therefore hire a company to do this for them. These companies perform a thorough inspection and provide you with a written report detailing everything found. This does cost money up front, but could result in saving a good deal in the long run. It is important to find and expose any issues prior to a purchase. Note that there are different types of inspections recommended based on the type of vehicle. A motorized RV requires a very different inspection than a non-motorized RV.

Above all, consumers need to remember to do their homework when dealing with pre-owned vehicles. The right used vehicle with a proper inspection can be a wise purchase. A vehicle purchased simply because it’s a bargain is often a bad investment.

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