Protecting Your RV Against Mold

Protecting Your RV Against Mold

If you’re storing your RV in a mild to warm climate, particularly with some level of humidity, it is important to follow some specific steps to prevent any mold from growing in your unit.

First you’ll need to check for any water leaks. Check the roof, windows, doors, basically everything that is attached to the exterior surfaces to insure there are no leaks. It is also important to verify that the plumbing system has no leaks. It is a good idea to blow out all of the fresh water systems lines. Do, however, keep water in the toilet bowl, P-traps and the bottom of each holding tank.

While you want to make sure there are no leaks, you’ll also want to be able to allow some air flow through the unit in a warm climate. You can leave a vent open at one end and a window open at the other but do keep the openings protected so rain cannot enter. Another option is a total coach cover. There are custom models available that allow air to blow through, but prevent rain from penetrating the cover. Place desiccant containers on a pie tin in various strategic places throughout your unit. This will absorb any moisture that might happen to get inside the rig. Having some ventilation, combined with these containers to absorb moisture will give you the best protection against the growing of mold.

All sides should be in a retracted position. Also be sure to treat and cover your tires to insure they are healthy for your first trip out of storage.

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