Pros and Cons of Bus Conversion RVs

Pros and Cons of Bus Conversion RVs

Bus conversion motor homes tend to draw lots of attention as they drive down the road. They are frequently used for touring entertainers or politicians on the campaign trail. They are also used by RV travelers as their luxury home away from home. Those interested in potentially owning a bus conversion should consider the pros and cons of these vehicles.

Bus conversion motor homes are built to last. They typically outlive any other type of traditional RV. Even though their size is considerable, they are still surprisingly easy to handle on the road due to their finely tuned suspension system. This type of RV offers some of the most luxurious amenities out of any RV. They are often referred to as ‘mansions on wheels’. Because bus conversion engines are powerful, their owners find that they are never at a loss for power and are comfortable when needing to pass another driver or traverse a steep incline.

Because of the listed advantages, the bus conversion RVs come with a considerable price tag. Some of the more popular bus conversion companies are Newell, Bluebird and Prevost. All of these companies offer models that with sticker prices that run well into the millions. In addition to the initial cost of investment, buyers should be prepared for pricier repairs. While bus conversions are truly built to last, when there is a repair need, it will generally cost more than that of a traditional RV repair. Buyers should be aware that not all mechanics handle this type of vehicle, so this may also present an issue when traveling. Inquire about an extended warranty when purchasing this type of RV in order to offer some protection against expensive repairs.

For most consumers, the price is the biggest factor when studying the pros and cons of the bus conversion RV. For those with the funds to do so, buyers are rarely disappointed with this luxury mode of travel.

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