Projected Growth in the Camping Sector

Projected Growth in the Camping Sector

The campground industry was impacted, much like every other business sector, by the recent recession. As the economy slowed, travelers cut back in time spent on the road and dollars spent on camping and RVs. 2008 and 2009 were particularly hard on the industry, but 2010 signaled a bit of an upswing. 2013 is showing further indications that the camping sector is looking to show growth.

Campgrounds are directly impacted by the current economy. Because vacations are considered a luxury to most, even camping takes a hit when the economy is slow. In 2009 there was a reduction in domestic travel by 5.1%. There also was a decline in international visitors coming to the United States.

In 2010 travel began to rise again. Adults over 50 are a key factor to the travel industry, particularly in RV business. With that segment of the population actually growing, this also contributes to the projected growth in the camping industry.

There are some trends that might negatively impact the camping industry. Whenever fuel prices rise, the industry does take a hit. In addition, whenever the U.S. dollar is stronger, Americans are more likely to travel abroad, which can impact domestic travel in a negative way. Even with the potential for some negative impacts, there are still projections for growth in the camping and RV industry at least through 2018.

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