Prepare Your RV or Vehicle for the Winter Months


There are some important steps you can take to protect both yourself and your vehicle or RV during the winter months.

1. Make sure your tires are at their healthiest. Check your tread and your air pressure. If you live in an area or are traveling to an area where snow is common, make sure you have snow tires or chains. If you are using chains, practice putting them on and taking them off in good weather so you’re prepared when you need to use them in bad weather.

2. Check your battery. Have your mechanic check the battery before the coldest season hits. Always carry jumper cables with your for any unexpected issues that arise.

3. Address any issues in your vehicle’s paint. Even a small nick can rust. In extreme temperatures, the risk is even greater. Look for products that allow you to quickly touch up the chip or nick. This simple do-it-yourself measure can protect your vehicle from more expensive paint repairs down the road.

4. Remember how to drive on slick roads. Do not use cruise control on slick roads. Make sure you give the road your full attention. Allow for extra time when traveling so that you are not feeling like you should rush. Braking gently is the key to staying in control when trying to slow down on slick roads.

5. Make sure wiper blades and washer fluids are ready for the change in weather. Keep some extra washer fluid on hand in case you run out while on the road. De-icing spray is another good product to have on hand.

6. Be prepared for a winter breakdown. Keep an emergency kit in your car or RV. When traveling via RV you are more likely to have items like flashlights and blankets on hand. Don’t forget to put equivalent items in your regular vehicle. Make sure each vehicle has the appropriate cell phone charger on hand.

The steps above can make your winter travel both safer and more enjoyable.

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