Planning Your RV Trip

Planning an RV trip is half the battle and good planning can make for a great trip. Once the destination is selected, there are still other points to consider.

The time of the year that you travel is important. For the mildest weather and the least crowded campgrounds, try traveling in the months of May and June, or September and October.

Plot out detailed travel maps before leaving. Include mileage and time estimates. Check with your auto club for map options. A GPS is a great tool but it is wise to compare the GPS with other plotted routes when trying to make the best choice. Plan to travel through any largely populated cities at times that allow you to avoid rush hour.

Limit the amount of driving time each day. Because RV travel takes approximately 10 percent longer than traveling via car, make sure you account for this. Try to complete most of your driving earlier in the day when you are freshest. Plan for an interesting stop at lunch time. Stopping in at a neighborhood park instead of the usual rest stop might prove to be a pleasant change of pace.

When crossing state lines, look for the state’s Welcome Center. Most have a number of maps and brochures highlighting points of interest in the area. Many offer state road maps and campground directories.

If you have timed your travel well, you’ll be able to stop earlier in the evening which allows you to get settled into your campsite earlier. Thanks to your careful planning, you might even have enough time to take a leisurely walk and explore the facilities.

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