Petite RV on Display at WBAY Camping and RV Show

Forest River, an RV company well-known for their wide range of travel vehicles, showcased the R-pod, their latest light travel towable, at the 47th annual WBAY Camping and RV Show recently. The R-pod is designed for budget travelers who also want a bit of luxury in their RVs.

With an exterior width of 8’0″ and length that ranged from 16’2″ to 18’3″, this particular type was compact enough to be hooked up to smaller driving vehicles.

At the same time, it also came complete with a wider range of fittings and features than was usually available with smaller models.

Thus, the tiny R-pod promised all the comforts of home, from bathroom and kitchen facilities to a widescreen LCD drop-down TV. The vehicle also had the option of convertible storage sections, made possible by expandable cargo netting.

In addition to being a gas saver, the vehicle was also promoted as a flexible RV that catered to various tastes.

In this way, the company provided 7 different floorplans for the R-pod. Furthermore, interested parties could also add in extra appliances to the vehicle like refrigerator and microwave oven.

Where the rates are concerned, the R-pod had a starting price of $10,000.

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