Pennsylvania – RV Friendly

RV owners who travel in Pennsylvania will have an easier time finding RV friendly businesses. The Pennsylvania RV and Camping Association (PRVCA) recently reported that the RV friendly logo signs have been approved.

In order for a business to qualify to display such a sign they must meet certain requirements. These requirements are designed to make sure the facilities are able to accommodate RVs of various sizes and shapes. For example, the business must have features like high canopies, an adequate turning radius and 12 foot wide lanes.

The RV Friendly Sign is comprised of a large yellow circle with “RV” in the center, placed on a blue field. Businesses like restaurants, gas stations, tourist attractions and camping facilities are happy to use these signs to direct RV owners to their sites. RV drivers are equally happy to see the sign usage, as it helps them easily find spots that can accommodate their rigs with ease. With both RV owners and business owners on board, the PRVCA is thrilled with the approval of the signs and the value that they will provide to all parties involved.

Rebecca Lenington, executive vice president of PRVCA sums up the association’s feelings. “We are so excited that the RV Friendly logo signs have been approved. We’ve been working on this for a while and feel it is a win-win for both RVers and local businesses.”

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