Pedata Unveils Top Five American RV Destinations

Pedata RV Center, one of the biggest RV wholesalers in US, has put together a list of five highly rated American RV Destinations in a bid to promote interesting local holiday spots. They also hope to highlight the use of RVs as an easier method of transportation for family vacations.

“Our RV customers are always looking for new, affordable adventures. We want to remind people that some of the best vacations can be the ones right here, in our own backyard,” says Gerard Pedata of Pedata RV.

On the top of the list, there is Tennessee’s Memphis-Graceland RV Park. Located close to a Graceland, this park is in demand due to its connections to Elvis Presley.

Coming up a second was Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. Situated on the outskirts of the Magic Kingdom, this expansive spot featured grassland dotted with wildlife. In addition to this, it also featured various family-friendly outdoor activities like Mickey’s Backyard BBQ.

At number three, there was the Minnesota State Fair Campgrounds. Highly rated by many as one of the most interesting fairs in the country, it also offered plenty of fun and games for the whole family.

Following closely, at number four, is North Carolina’s Camp Hatteras RV Resort & Campground. Boasting ocean-views and sunny east coast weather, this one catered to the sea-side vacationers.

Finally, for number five, there is the Terry Bison Ranch. Situated close to the Wyoming/Colorado border, this spot targeted travelers who loved rugged nature and the rustic feel of historic locations.


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