Ozark Megashow has Good Turnout

Ozark Megashow has Good Turnout

At the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds in Springfield, Missouri, the weekend Springfield RV Megashow had a good turnout. Attendees were able to view dozens of new RV models on display. According to several attendees, the trend seems to be towards larger, yet lighter models.

While not everyone is looking for a large trailer, there were customers who felt this trend suits them perfectly. Several buyers were looking to upgrade to a larger model and the fact that they are lighter too only adds to their appeal. Many of these larger RVs are now coming with features like the ability to ‘self-level’, making them even more attractive.

Truck manufacturers are also contributing to the popularity of the larger trailer by producing large pickup trucks that are demonstrating better gas mileage. Many trucks in this class were previously registering only 13 miles to the gallon. Now there are models on the market that are getting 20 miles to the gallon.

Some of the RV manufacturers in attendance claimed that the recent show was the busiest they had seen in recent years. Melissa Adams, business manager for Mid-America RV of Carthage shared that her company brought 14 rigs to the event and sold 7 of them by Sunday.

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