North Dakota RV Accident: 2 RVs and a Fish House

Shock is the best word that describes the feeling of the people in the recent Coates RV Accident. The said accident damages RVs and a fish house causing more than $100,000 . DUI is the main hypothesis of the investigators though it is about to be ruled out as the drivers of the RVs have never been charged with driving under the influence charges.

“My first initial reaction was wondering where the drivers of the vehicles were even at, how many people were on scene, was there anyone hurt,”says the Williston Police Officer, Jacob Gregory.

According to Dutch Deick of Coates RV,”It was a little bit of a shock. Initially looking at the amount of damage, I was very curious as to whether there was some serious injuries involved, it`s about a 25mph speed limit down this frontage road and there are stop signs along the way. And I couldn’t imagine somebody coming down at a rate of speed to do something like this.”

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