New RV Models Revealed at Trade Show

A number of new RV models were unveiled recently at the 47th Annual National RV Trade Show which was held during the first week of December in Louisville, Kentucky. This included new releases by Fleetwood RV and Newmar, two brand names in the industry.


In the case of Fleetwood RV, they made waves with their latest design called the 2010 Encounter.

It has been branded as a crossover motorhome, one that blends in the best of the two in-demand classes of travel trailers.

According to John Draheim, the COO and president of the company, “The concept for Encounter came from a conversation we had with one of our dealers. It is a special motor home in the fact that it includes the best aspects of both a Class A and a Class C motor home. It is designed to appeal to a wide range of RV buyers.”


The highlights of this RV include 19″ LCD wide-screen TV fitted with DVD player, an interior height marked at 82”, patio awning, spacious luggage compartments as well as heated holding tanks.


As for Newmar’s newest release, it lives up to the company’s image as a provider of upmarket RVs.

Labeled the Newmar 43′ Mountain Aire, it comes complete with designer interiors, climate control options and luxurious electrical features like 5-watt solar panel, mood lighting and security lights.


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