New RV Fuel Cell Option

The Caravan Salon 2012 show in Dusseldorf, Germany is the launching point for the European RV supplier Truma’s VeGA fuel cell system.

It has been reported that the VeGA fuel cell system is fully self contained and runs independent of electricity. It is powered by propane and/or butane. The unit is intended to supply power to a variety of items simultaneously. For example it can operate a television, computer, refrigerator, lights and a heater. The fuel cell system is designed to be run around the clock. When the cell’s battery hits a certain level, the system automatically kicks in to charge it. Once the battery hits the appropriate level, the system goes into standby mode, no longer drawing fuel at that time. A standard gas cylinder can run the fuel cell system for up to a week, depending on the demand placed against the unit.

The fuel cell system is equipped with a color touch screen, making it simple to view pertinent information including battery voltage, charging current and more. The system has been undergoing testing for several years prior to its launch, including extensive testing with vehicle manufacturers and end customers.

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