National Parks and the Wireless Dilemma

National Parks and the Wireless Dilemma

The inclusion of technology in so many aspects of day to day life has presented America’s National Parks with a dilemma. For the most part, the parks have not made an effort to comply to the public’s need to stay connected. There are a number of park visitors who want to have the opportunity to use their cell phones and other devices. On the other hand, there are a number of park visitors who express their desire to get away from it all.

The National Park Service is faced with the task of trying to balance both points of view. While some fear that the sounds of ringtones in a neighboring campsite will ruin the visitors’ experience, others fear that the lack of grid resources might keep a younger generation of visitors from venturing into the parks on a regular basis.

Currently, wireless infrastructure decisions are not made on a nationwide basis. Instead they are left up to the individual parks’ management teams. Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks each have received requests to add new telecommunications or upgrade existing towers. Now each park will have to weigh their decision, knowing there are valid arguments for each side.

The National Park Service agency’s mission is to protect parks’ resources as well as the visitor’s experience. Now each park must decide how best to incorporate their decisions so that all visitors feel served.

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