Motorhome Thieves Adept and Smart Says Michigan Police

Police say that robbers stealing luxury RVs from West Michigan motorhome dealers are adept, skilled, smart and unfortunately, successful in their attempts so far.

Image Source: Auto Caravaning Europe

Sgt. Stanley Lis of the Grand Rapids Police said that they believe the stealing episodes were done by the same group and that they are sure of what they were doing.

During the past few weeks, three RVs were reported stolen. One was from the Holland Motorhomes and Bus Company located in East 16th Street while the other two were from Midway RV Center in Kentwood.

Dave Ballast, Midway sales manager quipped, “we were all kind of in shock. You kind of go from shock to disappointment to anger. You are not sure what to feel.”

Police say that they haven’t seen motorhome stealing happen locally in years. According to Sgt. Lis, he has been handling car theft cases for 16 years in the area and this is the first time he had seen motorhomes being stolen.

The police and investigators have identified some suspects based on surveillance photos. They believe that the thieves are targeting similar motorhomes — valuable ones that cost almost half a million dollars.

Police think that the thieves are from outside West Michigan and one thing is for sure: they are experienced and they know what they’re doing. Thus, everyone should be cautious.


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