Motorhome Owners Invited to Join the National Landmarks Photo Contest

Calling all nature, photography, and nature photography enthusiasts out there—remember to bring your cameras as you venture in your motorhome out into the great outdoors. The National Natural Landmarks Program annual photo contest is now open and accepting entries.

Image Souce: RVCarz

“This is the 50th anniversary of the program and we hope people will join the celebration by photographing one of America’s national natural landmarks,” said Jonathan Jarvis, National Park Service director. “We’re looking for images that capture the beauty and diversity of these natural areas.”

It has been announced that the 2013 National Natural Landmarks Calendar will feature the winning entries. Each contestant is allowed to submit up to 3 entries, and each photograph must be unique and must be taken from a different national natural landmark. Photographs of landmarks and sceneries featured in the 2012 calendar will be considered void and will be rejected. The country offers about 600 areas considered to be national natural landmarks—an amazing array of the most beautiful and breathtaking sceneries—and the contestants wouldn’t run out of options. Examples are the dinosaur tracks and fossils at the Morrison-Golden Fossil Areas in Colorado and the bioluminescent waters of Puerto Mosquito, Puerto Rico, as well as the Barringer Meteor Crater, Arizona, famous for being the largest known impact crater in the United States. However, participation in the annual contest is voluntary, and it isn’t guaranteed that all landmark sites will be available to the public.

There are no restrictions regarding the dates when the entries were taken. The deadline for submission of entries is June 30, and the winners would be announced in September.
More information about the National Natural Landmarks Program, including a complete list of designated sites and their accessibility, is available at


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