Motorhome Accident: 10 Injured, 1 Dead

January 07 was suppose to be a regular day for a group of people who were set to watch a BCD Championship game in New Orleans. They were from Georgia and is travelling through Interstate 59 when they struck a tree and crashed. Out of the 13 people in the RV, 10 were injured and 1 died.

A tire blew on the RV and things went berserk after that. As they left Atlanta around 4 p.m. the Evelyn Gandy Exit. The accident took place in the southern part of Mississippi off Interstate 59. The RV was rented which is a good thing as it could mean a lot of trouble if it was privately owned and is uninsured as dealing with death, injury and accident is too much and if you have to add a damage RV to that, its a bit too much to handle.

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