Mileage on a Used RV

Checking Mileage on a Used RV

Shopping for a previously owned RV might have you cautious about the number of miles the RV has already traveled. Many consumers look for a guideline as to how many are too many.

Unfortunately there is no specific number to use as a judge. The mileage itself may not provide the most information about what makes a used RV a good purchase. Start by stepping inside the motor home and see what it smells like. It may seem like a simplistic approach, but mildew has a distinct odor and may be an indicator of leaks. Next check to see how the carpet is wearing and look for other references of high use. Open and close the drawers, check the stove top to see if there is any grease builder. Look inside the refrigerator. Pull any bed coverings aside and check the mattress for wear.

Of course this is not a comprehensive list of things to check, but it is important to know that high mileage does not always equate to heavy wear and low mileage does not equate to limited wear. Looking at the types of things listed above is a great approach. It allows you to see the motor home first as a potential residence. In addition you must then exercise due diligence in checking engine functionality, evidence of leaks and all the normal used vehicle points of reference.

The odometer might give you some of the ‘story’ behind a used vehicle, but for RVs in particular, it cannot be the only method used to determine the value of a potential purchase.

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