Maximize your RV Refrigerator’s Efficiency

Your RV refrigerator may seem to be very much like the one in your house, but it has some fundamental differences. Knowing these differences can help you make your RV refrigerator work more efficiently.

An RV refrigerator does not use a compressor. Instead, it uses a heating mechanism which works with a mixture of chemicals. When the chemicals cool, they draw the heat out of the inside of the RV refrigerator. This type of system does not cool as quickly as a compressor operated refrigerator. The system works by using gravity as the chemicals pull out or absorb the heat. Because of this, it is important for an RV refrigerator to remain level.

Because it is slower to cool, it is important to minimize the number of times the door is opened if at all possible. Each time the door is opened, it introduces more heat into the unit, which in turn must be cooled. The suggestion is to keep the refrigerator as full as possible in order to minimize the heat loss. Heat is lost by the cool air falling from the unit when the door is opened. If the unit is fuller, there is less air to lose with each opening. Some manufacturers recommend filling the unit with empty water jugs or other ‘space fillers’ when there is not enough food to take up most of the space.

Keeping the unit level as much as possible and being cautious about air loss will enable the RV refrigerator to be as efficient as possible.

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