Manufacturers to Customize Vehicles for the Disabled

Good news for those who used to have been limited by their disabilities: soon, you will be able to enjoy the pleasures of camping and touring in national parks — with yourself behind the wheel.

Image Source: Access Mobility Systems

Retired Marine Jack Pierce, 38, is an example of an individual with disability who didn’t let his condition get in his way. Because of a roadside bomb explosion he was fallen victim to during his service in Afghanistan, Pierce was left paraplegic. However, he has learned how to move on and do his thing despite his physical condition.

Right now, he is set to begin his tour with his son and wife. He is to drive their 2012 Ford F-350 Super Duty pickup, with a fifth-wheel RV trailer that is especially customized for his particular needs. Tethered into the trailer is a three-wheeled motorcycle that allows him to drive while on his wheelchair.

Pierce is just one of the younger market that needs customized vehicles. Aside from the veterans and other older customers, manufacturers now found the need to consider those who are in the age bracket of 20s and 30s who are determined to make the most out of their lives in spite of their physical limitations.


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