Maine State Parks – Numbers are Up

Maine state parks campgrounds are enjoying an increase in visitors after seeing their last peak in 2002. The 7% increase is a hopeful sign for the parks. In 2010 the parks celebrated their 75th anniversary with a good year. Attendance that year was measured at 244,000 campers. In 2011, the attendance dropped a bit to 219,019. This year, the numbers were back up with attendance at tent and RV sites registering at 234,843.

The increase in visitors this year may be directly related to a summer that provided ample good weather. State officials think it could be that or the fact that when the economy suffers, camping becomes a great option for families trying to save money. When visitors can pay $15 or $20 a night and have an ocean view it represents a unique bargain.

Another contributing factor may be the recent upgrades to Maine’s state parks. In 2007 the state parks received a $2.7 million bond. In 2010, they received a 500,000 bond. This money was used towards the construction of restrooms and bath houses as well as eight new playgrounds.

In other efforts to keep visitors coming year round, the parks are offering activities during the off season. Although they expect campers from May through September, some parks are now planning fall and winter activities to draw even more visitors.

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