Mail on the Road

Mail on the Road

Fulltime RVers have several options for managing their mail from their traveling home. Even those who change locations frequently can find a method that works for making sure that their mail is received while on the road.

Many opt to rely on a relative or friend, having all of their mail delivered to that address. This option is a simple solution for those who have a friend or relative who is open to the idea and willing to commit to forwarding important mail in a timely manner. A great number of fulltime RVers choose to use a mail forwarding service. There are mail forwarding services that specialize in the RV segment of the population.

Many RV parks will accept mail for guests. With some careful planning, you may arrange to have your mail sent to a park during the time you plan to stay there. Another option is to have the mail sent to the general delivery of a local post office in a town where you’ll be staying. Be sure to identify the proper post office, as many towns have multiple offices and only one will accept general delivery for that town. If you’re planning to be in one town for an extended time, consider renting a post office box so that your mail can be delivered during your stay.

The mail forwarding services charge an annual fee plus postage. Many businesses associated with the RV industry like Family Motor Coaching Association and the Good Sam Club offer mail forwarding services.

Because you will not be in the position to receive mail daily, it is important that you have a plan in place for paying bills in some automated fashion. Many RVers quickly become technically savvy enough to manage their accounts on line.

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