Kate’s Lazy Desert

Fans of the B-52s might find it interesting to know what vocalist Kate Pierson is up to these days. Not only is she recording her first solo album this winter, she and her partner are also owners of an Airstream hotel in the Mojave desert.

Kate’s Lazy Desert has a collection of six vintage Airstream trailers, each with unique interiors that hint at the band’s most popular music. There is the Lava trailer which gives a wink to lava lamps of old. The Hairstream is decorated to look like a fantasy version of the B-52’s dressing room.

Kate’s Lazy Desert is not their only business venture. It is a compliment to Kate’s Lazy Meadow, a collection of cabins located in the Catskill Mountains just outside of Woodstock, New York. The Airstreams used in Kate’s Lazy Desert were originally located at the Lazy Meadow site and were always a popular booking for guests. During Hurricane Irene, the trailers experienced some flooding, so Pierson opted to move them to the Mojave Desert site.

The Lazy Desert facility is near Joshua Tree National Park in California. Visitors can visit Joshua Tree, hike in the desert or lounge by the pool. Pierson also has plans to stock the trailers with B horror movies just like she did in the Lazy Meadow site.

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