Jamaica Celebrates its First Luxury RV

Jamaican entrepreneur, Nadine Hamilton, made headlines recently when she pushed for the country’s first luxury RV. The 40-foot vehicle, which cost a hefty $8 million, comes complete with fancy amenities, security staff and chauffeur.

The vehicle caters to groups who want top-end luxury when they travel around Jamaica.

Thereby, it is fitted with a bunk area which sleeps 8 and also features homely amenities like a well-equipped kitchen, bathroom and entertainment facilities.

This particular venture by Hamilton caught everyone’s attention not just because of its pioneering effort for the RV industry but also because of its contribution to national pride.

Thus, as she herself proudly notes: “We take everything into consideration. The tanks were the only thing custom-built from overseas. Everything else is locally made.”

This aspect is reinforced by its colorful exterior that stays true to the island’s colors.

Furthermore, the vehicle’s registration is a telling JFRV which stands for Jamaica’s First RV.

The vehicle can be rented out at a daily rate of $2, 500.

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