Is a Fifth Wheel a Good Option?

The fifth wheel trailer offers the greatest amount of living space in the RV world. It is also the top seller among towable trailers. The fifth wheel, also known as a ‘fiver’, requires a pickup truck complete with a fifth wheel hitch. It cannot be towed by a regular passenger car. A fifth wheel uses what is considered to be the safest of all towing systems as it mimics what truckers use on their big rigs. It is also the easiest of trailers to back up. Owners of fifth wheels also enjoy the freedom of using their tow vehicle for excursions while the trailer can remain at the campsite.

The design of fifth wheels typically has a bedroom or a living room above the bed of the truck. This bi-level design makes for a spacious floor plan. Many have slide outs with some having as many as five slide outs. Filled with amenities that most would expect in any permanent living structures, these trailers are very popular with those who live in their RVs fulltime.

Fifth wheels can be difficult to navigate in tight spaces and occasionally owners may run into length limitations at certain campsites. But with the amount of living and storage space available, this type of RV is likely to remain one of the most popular selections.

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