iPad Mini Accessories for the RVer


RV owners turn to their smart phone or other smart devices for help on the road. Those relying on a mini iPad to make their journey easier might consider some additional hardware to even further enhance their trip.

Apps available for the iPad include those to find campgrounds, best gas prices, easiest route and more. There are apps to offer weather forecasts, find good restaurants and even apps to help you keep up on your favorite magazines. All of these can help make your trip easier and more enjoyable, but only if your device is readily available and fully functioning.

Consider investing in a good mounting device to keep your iPad easily accessible. RAM products makes a variety of mounting options that help you keep your tablet right at your fingertips. In addition, it’s important to keep the battery from running out at an inopportune time. The Zagg company makes a product called ZaggSparq which is a small battery pack that comes equipped with two USB charging ports. It can hold enough power to fully offer four complete charges for either your iPad or your iPhone. Another of their products, the UniqueCharge has a single USB port that can plug into any 12 volt cigarette lighter outlet. Consider adding a keyboard to your tablet like the ZaggKeys Mini 7. This makes it much easier to respond to emails or surf the web once you’re settled in for the night.

Long or short road trips are always easier when you have the peace of mind to know that you’re fully prepared. Take advantage of the technology that helps you feel as fully prepared as possible.

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