Independence National Historic Park

Independence National Historic Park

A visit to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a chance to take a deeper look at American history. What is now called the City of Brotherly Love once acted as the nation’s capital from the years 1790 to 1800.

Within the city, the Independence National Historic Park spans 55 acres and over 20 blocks. Visitors can see the Liberty Bell up close and personal. A stop at the Congress Hall allows visitors a closer look at the place that played host to George Washington’s second inauguration and John Adams’ inauguration. Independence Hall is another must see, with the opportunity to view the place where both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed. The nation’s founding fathers literally walked these hallowed halls.

Also be sure to stop by the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial. There you’ll find a statue that stands 20 feet high and weighs 30 tons. The statue took artist James Earle Fraser almost six years to complete. It depicts a seated Franklin. It was dedicated as a National Monument in 1972. The statue is housed inside the Franklin Institute which features a 1,600 ton domed ceiling along with impressive marble columns.

After soaking up all the history, be sure to spend some time enjoying the beautifully manicured gardens and shade trees.

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