Increase in Travel for Labor Day Weekend

This Labor Day weekend, the prediction is that more Americans will be hitting the road than those who traveled last year. Even though the economy is still considered to be lagging, consumer confidence is up.

Families travel budgets are directly impacted by their perceived financial security. AAA Travel conducted a survey that showed 66 percent of responders did not feel that their present financial situation would negatively impact their holiday travel plans. For the first quarter of this year it is reported that 7.6 million jobs were supported by the travel and tourism industry. With these statistics, it is easy to see why the travel industry pays attention to consumer confidence and the likelihood of travel spending.

RV enthusiasts will find they have more company on the roads this year. AAA predicts that there will be a 3.1 percent increase in those traveling by motor vehicle, with air travel seeing a 3.7 percent increase.

Since gasoline prices have been rather volatile recently, an increase in pricing may result in some shortening their trips, but likewise a decrease in prices may send even more travelers out on the road.

Along with the increase in travel and potential increase in gas prices, travelers are facing a slight increase in hotel prices. This is one cost that RV owners do not need to worry about!

As with any holiday weekend, those who have made their reservations early are likely to lock in the best spots.

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