Holding Tank Chemicals

Some RV owners wonder whether it is necessary to use sanitation chemicals when their rig is attached directly to a sewer line. It is important to know that yes, the chemicals are still needed at that time.

Chemicals are required when the dump valve is closed and the dump valve should be closed during a campground hook up for several reasons. Leaving the dump valve closed prevents sewer gasses from entering your vehicle. It is also important to leave the dump valve closed so that waste matter does not solidify on the bottom of your holding tanks. If it were to harden, this would make it more difficult to fully dump your tank and it would also promote the growth of odor causing bacteria.

It is important to dump your holding tank whenever it approaches being ¾ full. Dump the black water first, then the grey water tank. Flush the tanks at that time using the method available with your rig whether it be via a built-in flushing unit, or a unit you have added. Once they are flushed it is then time to add one or two gallons of water to each tank and re-add your holding tank chemicals.

Being diligent about your holding tanks and the necessary chemicals is an important step in the overall care of your RV.

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