Hobbies on the Go

Fulltime RVers are used to living a more compact lifestyle. Because they are constantly on the go, many keep their hobby activities to a minimum or build their hobbies around traveling. Some enjoy the outdoor activities that their lifestyle enables including bicycling, kayaking, hiking and more. There are times, however, when the weather does not cooperate and time must be spent indoors. For these times, it is a great idea to have a hobby or two that can be done within the confines of your vehicle.

There are numerous hobbies that can be pursued using a computer, which many RVers already have. These, by nature, do not necessarily take up any extra space. Consider studying your genealogy while building a family tree. Creating and editing videos of your travels is another great option, using software to put together professional looking records of your adventures on the road. Digital scrapbooking is another easy option, creating pages detailing your trips, the scenery and your activities. Using your computer for educational purposes is another great activity. Consider learning another language or pursuing other online classes.

Many RVers use their hobbies to earn money while traveling. Crafters find that they can easily travel with the necessities to make beaded jewelry, embellished greeting cards, or knitted gifts. Many sell their items via websites to bring in some extra cash throughout the year. Even stained glass can be a ‘portable’ hobby making small items like jewelry, sun catchers or picture frames.

Those who enjoy painting will find they are never at a loss for inspiration. This hobby lends itself well to the traveler. The supplies travel well and can be set up indoors or out, making it an excellent choice in any type of weather. Be cautious that you have proper ventilation if using oil based paints.

Many hobbies already fit a mobile lifestyle, or can be quickly adapted. Pick an old favorite or set out to learn something new. You’ll be glad to have something fun to pursue on the days when the weather keeps you inside.

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