Headlights Restoration Kit

Headlights Restoration Kit

Through the lifetime of any vehicle, headlight lenses take the brunt of much wear and tear. They often become dim or discolored, impacting their brightness and thereby impacting a driver’s ability to see at night. In addition, dim headlights can make it difficult for other cars to see a rig on the road.

Philips Headlight Restoration Kit promises to help remedy this situation. It is designed to remove the results of wear and tear due to sunlight, ozone and road pollution. With an investment of 30 minutes time, the company claims that the headlight lenses can be restored to ‘like new’ condition.

No power tools are required and per the company’s claims, it requires a minimal effort. In addition the kit includes a protective UV coating that should help prevent further clouding for two years. The kit includes everything needed to completely restore your headlights including pretreatment, cleaner / polish, shine restorer/preserver, paper towels and gloves. It also includes sandpaper in three grits (coarse, medium and fine) for cases of severe yellowing. The kit sells for anywhere from $19.99 to $24.99 in auto parts stores like Pep Boys.

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