Harold Warp’s Pioneer Village

Harold Warp's Pioneer Village

Harold Warp’s Pioneer Village is a unique stopping point for those who are near the town of Minden, Nebraska. Harold Warp was born in 1903. He grew up living in a Nebraska sod house. He eventually became an inventor, founding the company Flex-O-Glass. This Chicago based plastics firm was responsible for developing Jiffy Wrap and Jiffy Bags. Warp eventually became a millionaire and decided to spend some of his money on pieces of history including his hometown schoolhouse, church, railroad station and the original U.S. Government Land Office. These became the basis of his Pioneer Village.

The Village is housed on 20 acres of land and includes pieces that cover 180 years of history. Visitors can see the world’s oldest Buick, the first Bell P-59 jet and many other exhibits focusing on America’s inventions and other scientific advances. In all, the Village contains over 50,000 historical objects. The Village includes 28 buildings, of which, 12 are preserved structures. Take a look at an original Pony Express relay station, an old time drugstore and a general store. For the best bargain on the property, ride the 1879 steam operated carousel for just a nickel.

RV owners can make the Village a stopping point as it includes a campground with 50 full or partial hookup sites. Visitors can experience the Village year round, seven days a week. The admission price is $13 for adults and $7 for children.

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