Grilling On the Go

While some may think that RVing precludes the need for grilling, others would see things very differently. Taking a portable grill along on RV trips makes for additional cooking options sure to enhance the trip. Whether you’re exploring the Rockies in Colorado or enjoying the views along the California coast, consider taking along a grill.

First decide whether you’re more comfortable using propane or charcoal, as there are viable options in each type. If you’re choosing propane, note that there are also various sizes of propane tanks available.

One popular model is the Weber Q-100 Portable Gas Grill. It has many desirable features including a good sized cooking area, even distribution of heat and adjustable heat settings. This grill is very easy to clean as it has porcelain-enameled cooking grates. A small model like this can accommodate a 14 oz or a 16 oz propane tank. An adapter can be purchased to allow attachment to a larger propane tank.

Consider both the size of your family and the size of the storage compartments in your RV when deciding which grill size to purchase. For those who are on the move quite frequently, a smaller portable model like the one described above might be the best. For those who tend to settle in for a bit, a larger model with fold out side tables might be the preferred option. Look for a grill that offers enough cooking surface to feed your hungry crew in a timely manner.

Don’t forget to include accessories to compliment your grill. Consider purchasing a set that comes packaged in its own container, ready to travel. Store this in the compartment with your grill and you’ll never be hunting down the proper tools when it’s time to cook. At the very least, be sure you’ve got a barbeque fork, tongs, a knife and a basting brush.

Many consider cooking outdoors to be one of the best parts of camping. RV folks can have the best of both worlds: An indoor stove on days when the weather doesn’t cooperate, and a traveling grill for the days that are just meant for dining outdoors.

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