Green RV Parks


Although RVs might be labeled as a non-green way to travel, they are actually not such a bad option. They require much less fuel than air travel and RV parks have a smaller carbon footprint than any hotel or resort.

Some RV parks are trying to implement additional environmentally friendly policies. You may find solar panels, recycling stations, energy efficient lighting and environmentally sensitive landscaping. The Good Sam RV Travel Guide is ready to help environmentally conscious RVers find these parks by including a list of the top Green RV parks in the publication.

The list includes parks that pay attention to being ecologically sound without limiting travelers’ comforts and conveniences. Parks like San Diego RV Resort in La Mesa, California are highlighted to help RVers get all the information necessary for making their travels as green as possible.

In addition to the green list, users of the guide will find a great deal of information on over 8,000 private RV parks throughout North America. Readers will also enjoy the regional trip guides, travel facts and must see points of interest.

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