Good News out of Hershey

There was more good news coming out of the Hershey RV show this past week. If the show can be used as a benchmark for the RV industry, things are looking up.

The show is the largest RV show in the United States and is hosted by the Pennsylvania RV and Camping Association. Vendors enjoyed good sales on everything from small items like travel coffee mugs to the largest items, upscale motor coaches.

After recording a record turnout on Wednesday the 12th the trend of good news continued. Shoppers in attendance were prepared to buy. Frank Davis of Camping World RV Sales sold 29 motor coaches in just two days time. Overall he sold over 200 items including both trailers and campers.

The rise in gas prices gave many vendors reason for concern, but the availability of low interest rates seemed to help. Some consumers were able to get rates as low as 3.9% for a 20 year loan. Many feel that the price spent on gas when traveling by RV is well worth it considering an RV camping site may cost as little as $30 a night. When comparing this to the cost of a nice hotel, consumers are willing to budget for today’s gas prices.

The RV show had some of the best numbers out of the past three years with consumers purchasing a variety of items. Attendees represented a wide demographic including young families as well as retirees. Consumers say the show is a great place to go to find great products at terrific prices.

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