Getting the Best Deal on an RV

When shopping for an RV, consider these three suggestions for getting the best deal.

Expand your search. Looks for deals across the country. Study various dealers and RV models on line. Many consumers are surprised to learn that it can actually be affordable to purchase an RV from a remote location and have it delivered.

Purchase at the end of the year. Much like car dealerships, RV dealers prefer to move the current year’s models to make room for the next year’s models. It is most helpful if you have a specific model in mind. This allows you to narrow your search and locate the dealers who can provide what you’re after. Do your research so that you are prepared for negotiating the best deal.

Get financing first. Research financial institutions that specialize in RV financing. There are many lenders who offer this type of financing, some of which can be found on line. Having your financing prepared can offer you better leverage during the negotiation process. You should be able to obtain pre-approval for a certain price range, which allows you to approach a dealer with ‘cash in hand’.

These three simple steps can put you in the best position to purchase the best RV for your hard earned dollar.

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