Garage Burned: Nothing is Insured

All is lost for the owners of a Boise home when a fire broke in their garage.

Fire broke at around 7 am on 600 Block West Clinton in between the streets of Emerald and Curtis Road in Boise.

The garage is detached from the home limiting its effects within the area. Contents of the garage includes boxes, lumbers, staining materials, cabinets. Parked right next to it is an RV.

According to investigators, the lumber inside the garage fueled the fire as it burned quickly.

Casueof the fire is undetermined as of the moment as the garage is overly damaged with roofs collapsing while the fire was taking place.

While there may be no persons injured in the said accident, the garage and its contents were uninsured. This includes the damaged RV which are not covered by any RV insurance at all.

More about it here.

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