From Parking Lot to Campground

From Parking Lot to Campground

From November 2011 to May 2012 there were so many RVs parked at the Washington County fairgrounds in Marietta, Ohio that the Fair Board was required to go the process of having the fairground’s main parking lot declared an RV park. The RVs were there to house workers from the oil and gas industry working in the area.

The process of having the licenses, permits and insurance paperwork done now allows the area to be used in several ways. Now the parking lot can be used as a parking lot, an RV park or a midway for fair concessions. The RV park is licensed for 50 camping sites and has 25 utility poles with each pole having hookups for two RVs. The hookups are full hookups that include electricity, water and sewer.

Visitors could stay for a monthly fee of $275 or an overnight fee of $20. The oil and gas workers working on the pipeline project stayed for several months and brought in approximately $28,000. This was especially helpful in 2011 when the fair was rained out.

There were initial concerns that the area would be too crowded when the fair was in full swing, but those fears were soon alleviated as all seemed to work well.

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